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boost and increase the sales of your e-commerce

e-commerce solutions

We analyze your business and build your project to access millions of potential clients around the world.

Whatever your business, we have your B2B, B2C or C2C solution:
Fashion, electronics, food, lighting, appliances, jewelry, furniture, automobiles, merchant associations and much more.

The opportunities and advantages that the Internet offers to open new markets and connect with your customers are obvious. But building a successful Internet business means much more than building an online store.

At egluu we offer e-commerce solutions that go beyond software:

  • Open new markets
  • Avoid intermediaries
  • Internationalize your offer
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Develop CRM strategies to increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce reaction times

3, 2, 1… takes off!

why an e-commerce?

1. increase the reach of your business

Start selling your products or services online. Local commerce is a limitation in an increasingly globalized world whose habits are changing. Access hundreds of millions of potential customers who buy from work or home.

2. internationalize your company

Export your products with your multi-language and multi-currency store to reach new markets.

Multiply your sales by integrating your business with market places such as Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, Pixmania, CDiscount, Carrefour, FNAC or Lengow and facilitate payment by PayPal, Virtual POS, Iupay, PagoFácil, by transfer or other platforms.

3. easy management focused on results

Easily modify the contents, manage stocks, prices, offers, customer reviews, payment methods, taxes, invoices, delivery notes and much more.

Know your clients, visits, origin, tastes and carry out targeted campaigns. If you want to go further, we integrate your business with your ERPs, CRMs or with your suppliers to eliminate stocks and choose the best offer.

4. “Out of the box”

We have the appropriate solution for your business needs. From a 100% designed and personalized development that completely sets you apart from the competition to a customizable, fast and economical pre-built solution.

we also integrate your e-commerce with: