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We have years of experience in the definition and implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), configuration and management of paid campaigns: Search, Display, Shopping or Remarketing (Search Engine Marketing), enhance the reach of your brand and create a community in social channels (Social Media Marketing) for all types of businesses and sectors and also a lot of gibberish to write quality and relevant content to nourish your blog, avoiding of Thin content.

Managing an Online Marketing strategy and effective communication on the Internet is essential. The Internet is constantly evolving: new platforms appear, the SERP algorithms that directly influence your web positioning are updated, social and consumer habits vary and we compete with other companies in an increasingly large and saturated market.

Our approach is to promote three groups of activities:

1. Acquisition

Attract users to your website.
We generate traffic with strategies such as SEO, PPC, social marketing, affiliation, and a combination of all of them.

2. Conversion

Seduce your visitors.
We design landing pages that build trust, ease of use, convey key messages and help your visitors decide.

3. Retention

Make your customers loyal.
We help retain your customers with Web 2.0 techniques, email marketing, Segmentation, Points programs, CRM …

Outperform your competence! We do online marketing that works.

Many companies put all the effort into getting web traffic, often spending large investments.

But this effort to gain visibility can be a very unprofitable expense if the landing pages are poorly designed and do not persuade visitors to take the necessary actions:
buy, request information, view a catalog, register, etc.

The tasks aimed at retention and loyalty are also essential, especially considering the difficulty of obtaining new customers and the value of a satisfied customer. Even more so in the current Web 2.0.

Do you still need more reasons to start your digital marketing strategy NOW? :)

What can we do for you?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Reach the top positions in Google for relevant keywords!

To position your company well on the Internet is to establish a very important competitive advantage, but it requires a strategy to optimize this visibility. We investigate the key factors and apply our experience in hundreds of projects to increase the visibility of tourism businesses, online stores and corporate websites.

Whether you want to start a new project, or if you want to thoroughly review your web strategy, at egluu we can help you position your website in the most optimal way.
The Being or not being for every online business.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Pay per visit or pay only if it works?

We create and manage your advertising campaigns with Google Ads for Google Shopping, Search, Display or social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube …) to generate immediate results.

We carry out a prior analysis of the sector in which we are going to work and then carry out daily monitoring and make the initial economic investment profitable.

Improve reach, boost visibility and increase your business leads just we set up your campaign. Our commitment is to get generating results as soon as possible through PPC (pay per click).

Social Media Marketing and online reputation

Communication 2.0 as a marketing tool is already a basic pillar in the strategy of each company.

The presence in social networks is essential because it links customers and attracts new ones either by publishing content of their interest or by making offers and promotions. In addition, they are the ideal medium for the arithmetic propagation of a message.

For this reason, keeping communication channels fed so that your message reaches your audience while interacting with it, is our priority goal.

All this brand management is fundamental in the corporate communication strategy. We study and propose different phases of action in the different communication media to intelligently define the online reputation of your business.

content for blogs

A blog is a tool designed to provide added value to users who visit your website with relevant and interesting content.

But the thing doesn’t just stay here. It is also a very important element when it comes to SEO and providing your own quality content to share on social networks.

Reasons to blog?
  • Generate quality traffic to your website
  • Boost the SEO of your website
  • Attract new qualified leads and attract potential clients
  • Increase reputation and brand awareness online
  • Provide relevant and quality content to go viral on your social networks
  • Do you need more reasons? ;)

e-mail marketing

Keeping customers is just as important as making new ones. Our Email Marketing campaigns will reward the loyalty of your clients who will strategically receive newsletters or promotional emails with the content that interests you and interests them to maintain their connection and thus increase the sales of your business.

we also offer …

web audits

Before defining any online marketing strategy, we carry out a web audit of your business to analyze the initial situation from which we started.

In this way, we will be able to implement the necessary improvements for the first time in order to optimize each of the elements analyzed in the audit, whether they are part of the code, the web architecture, the content, or the usability.

information architecture

we offer a full range of information architecture services. Projects can range from small applications or usability reviews to major web developments. We can be involved in many stages of a project, from the initial scoping phase to testing the usability of a website or application after launch.

web Analytics

Always measure the results, but not only to collect data and present reports and statistics but also to interpret all the information judiciously and know how to react and make decisions in the most appropriate way.

We monitor and analyze the efficiency of our digital marketing strategy applied to your website or online business.

We analyze their performance to detect improvement actions, potential clients, new markets, sector trends and we compare the results with those of the competence, all of this to achieve the objectives defined in our strategy (KPIs).

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