web analytics

Measuring is not only about collecting data and presenting statistical reports but about correctly interpreting this data and reacting appropriately.

What do you know about your visitors?

Internet offers unparalleled opportunities to learn about the behaviour of your visitors and customers.

We can tell you what your visitors are looking for, where they come from and what they do, how many pages do they visit before they leave or buy a product, which content generates more interest, how they navigate the site, etc.

All this information is an extremely valuable knowledge for you and your marketing campaigns. We will help you to measure and analyse it with the aim of acting and adapting your business strategies.

Analyze, understand and act ;)

Analysing and understanding what’s going on with your website is a key issue and must be part of an overall business philosophy.

A philosophy that must pay attention to the user. Now more than ever it is vital to nurture the relationship between a company and its customers using Web 2.0. This global philosophy should involve all departments of a company and often requires a sea change in thinking:

For the designer, who must take into account analytics data and make appropriate designs according to results obtained via Google Optimizer, to the sales department, who can analyse data from the company website (sales, campaign’s ROI) to know what users look for, the trends of each sector, and even compare those reults with those of the competition.

What can we do for you

  • Set up measuring tools in order to act and improve your business strategies.

  • Test to measure your key Performance Indicators.

  • Define and set up the right metrics for your business. (KPIs)

  • Analyse your site architecture and usability
  • Use a global approach to website Analytics.
  • Help analyse data to help you to know more about your business in order to take better and more informed decisions

Is your online marketing strategy not working and don’t know why?