SEM Barcelona agency

We manage Google Ads campaigns

With various pay-per-click (PPC) tools, such as Ads, you can quickly appear in the first places of the most popular search engines, such as Google.

1. We analyze the sector and target audience

2. We know all the available tools

3. We measure performance (ROI)

4. We implement continuous improvement processes

Pay only if it works!

Platforms with Google Ads, among others, can not only be complicated and require very continuous monitoring, but they also require a good knowledge of their internal mechanisms. And the most common risk is falling into ineffective campaigns.

It is common to find campaigns that are too expensive, or with conversion rates that are too low. Some advertisers start ambitious campaigns, with thousands of keywords, and then try to cut costs and eliminate words based on revenue. It may be a way to start, but it is often not efficient enough.

Our commitment is to start generating results for you as soon as possible. That is why we look for small opportunities that can bring benefits. And we do that from day one, avoiding all kinds of unnecessary costs.

Shopping, Search, Display … we get to everything!

Improving the return on investment in Google is the main objective of SEM agencies like egluu :D

What can we do for you?

  • Configure the necessary measurement tools. Always with the aim of acting and adjusting the strategy.

  • Make an analysis of the architecture of your website and its usability.

  • Test and measure the performance of the most important landing pages.

  • Make an analysis of the architecture of your website and its usability.

  • Define and establish the most useful indicators for your business.

  • Analyze the data to help you learn more about your business. Know to be able to make better and better informed decisions.

Can we help you build the ideal strategy in Google Ads?