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In a space as competitive as online, it is necessary to properly manage your presence on the Internet, through an SEO positioning strategy.
From egluu we manage this strategy globally, making possible a service with different actions to carry it out focused on the main search engines such as Google or Bing

Search engine optimization on search engines such as Google

During the first steps of the project, it will be necessary to specify strategies, set the target market to which we will be destined, the advantages over the competition, the type of product/service or solutions to be promoted, define indicators (KPIs), etc.

We set ourselves 3 goals:

1. Notoriety

As a first and essential step, we will take care of giving your website more visibility. Seeking to appear in the organic search results when potential clients or prescribers look for references in the sector.

2. Traffic

We will generate quality traffic to the web.

3. Conversions

The ultimate goal of the entire project will be to generate conversions. Measuring according to the objectives and the selected indicators.

We propose a process of continuous improvement, which will require constant feedback from the client.

We will monitor and analyze the results obtained and suggest or implement all the necessary improvements to progressively grow.

define, implement, monitor and optimize ^_^

How do we work on search engine optimization?

In the first step of the project, it will be necessary to analyze and define well the main objectives since from them we will define the strategy, we will set the target market to which the entire campaign will be directed, the advantages over the competition, the main values ​​to promote, etc…

SEO audit On page and Off page

The objective of the study of an SEO audit will be to know a complete vision of the previous situation of the company in the online field as far as web positioning is concerned.
Several will be the aspects to analyze.

  • SEO friendly structure analysis of the site: Web architecture, urls, Headings structure, meta tags, web browsing, interlinking and content.

  • Backlinks to the web + typology and referring domains pointing to the web

  • Top organic keywords and ranking in SERPs.

  • Page Speed ​​Study
  • Organic competitor analysis.

  • Web visits + typology

Once all these aspects have been studied, improvement actions will be defined at the optimization level to be implemented on the web.

How do we work the SEO strategy in egluu?

It should be noted that an SEO strategy is a medium-long term strategy. We recommend working on SEO for a minimum of 6 months to start seeing noticeable results. A more time-consuming task than payment strategies, but one that, if done well, lasts over time.

These would be the most significant steps to implement our SEO strategy:

  • Analysis of previous situation.
  • Definition of KPIs for the project.
  • Analysis of the strategies of other websites in the sector and of the main competitors.
  • Keyword research. Definition and implementation of an initial Keywords strategy.
  • Definition and implementation of web architecture for SEO.
  • Information architecture and Interlinking.
  • Optimization of pages according to the optimization rules of the main search engines.
  • Implement policy of Meta tags, keywords research, friendly URL, Headings, Alt images tags, text body etc …
  • Continuous optimization in the HTML code.
  • Improve the Page Speed ​​of the site.
  • Mobile First
  • Planning a cyclical review of each of the keywords within the content and its performance.
  • Search and study of backlinks
  • Monitoring results

In addition to:

  • Monthly report (or as required) through which you can see the evolution of the strategy regarding the achievement of the objectives set, the evolution of the indicators, ranking of keywords … etc.
  • Control meetings where we will share the vision of the progress of the project, we will validate the success of the strategy followed during a period and we will approve the next steps, correcting if necessary based on the results.
  • Combine the SEO strategy with a content strategy for blog, microsites or social networks to boost your project to infinity and beyond!

We do not only seek to improve the ranking of specific keywords for your project, but we also focus on improving business conversion.

Can we help you to improve the SEO of your company?